In 2013, while filming ‘The Rooftop,’ which Jay wrote, directed and performed in, we couldn’t stop wondering if there was some way that viewers could go beyond simply watching a movie, some way for them to be truely and completely immersed in the experience.
PHANTACi is the fashion brand created in 2006 by Jay, who has endless creative inspiration, and Ric, who has unique insights into the fashion industry. PHANTACi incorporates designs and ideas derived from both the nastiness that the word Phantom conveys, and the great magnificence that the idea of Fantasy can possibly reach.
Now we want to combine our artistic vision with the new blockchain era by creating the Phanta Bear NFT project. Phanta Bear has two bright, starry eyes, and his heart is filled with the artistic talent of the Mandopop King. The 10,000 unique Phanta Bears feature the iconic fashion of PHANTACi and offer rich online and offline perks that allow their owners to enjoy the life both in and out of the metaverse.
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